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These files contain mission briefings.


These files are one of the easiest files to decode since after unpacking they're just plain text.


XXX Language
01-50 english
101 - 150 french
201 - 250 italian
301 - 350 german


File format


1-4 lines with numbers representing the price for each piece of additional briefing info.


2-4 lines with numbers representing the price for each enhancement of the briefing map. Each number may have an additional A or O character in the end of the line (but not both).

  • Character A means that from that enhancement on, the positions of the enemy agents will be visible as red dots in the briefing map.
  • Character O is unknown for now


Mission name ends with "."

blank line

Mission type, ends with "."


and now several times

  • Additional info's title, ends with ":"
  • Additional info
  • "|"


Things to learn


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