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de Syndicate

A collaborative effort to decode Syndicate data files

Goal of this Wiki is to collaboratively reverse-engineer the format of data files from the Syndicate game. Having the data files format it will be trivial to extract text, sound and graphics. This will open a way to create a free version of Syndicate I've always wanted to play. Just imagine Syndicate in stereo and true color with smooth scrolling, transparent objects and anti-aliasing, yet with this oldschool touch... Yeah... Now you know why I've created this Wiki :)


As I said this is a collaborative effort, that's why this Wiki is public. You will find here everything we've learnt about format of Syndicate files so you won't have to reverse-engineer what has already been reverse-engineered. Check out what has been discovered so far.


General remarks


Join deSyndicate now

If you want to help, grab a copy of Syndicate and start trying to decode these files! How? Unpack data files, corrupt them and see the effects. Draw some conculsions. Repeat. And when you learn something then wiki it on deSyndicate :)


Should you have any questions check out deSyndicate FAQ.


FreeSynd 0.1 has been released! The introduction, menus, and the first level can be used. Windows and Linux binaries available for download. Great work guys!


And if you like Syndicate you should really check this piece of art! http://web.archive.org/web/20050330053326/http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/i/g/igino/syndicate.jpg.html

Not really related to the project a pretty awesome (but incomplete) Syndicate walkthrough http://syndicate.acornarcade.com/



Animated gif to advertise the project. Knocked together quickly, edit at will.




















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